The Multiverse

“The known plane, the world we stand on, is but one of many. I have gazed beyond the stars, and saw the eternal possibilities and incarnations of our small world. I stood on the edge of time, and sailed on the crimson mist between worlds, on the ship of the blind ferryman.”
-Lim Dul, The Necromancer, The Sage and the Madmen.

The Multiverse is a term to describe the many worlds theory held by many mystics. They believe there are many versions of the known universe, each governed by it’s own logic and laws. The balance of the universe is held together by the gods, and a mysterious being called the Gatekeeper.

There are ways, through magic, to travel through the various universes and planes of existence. Even simple teleportation magic takes you through many layers of reality, back to another physical location.

Sometime the veil between worlds is thinner, such as at Standing Stones

The Multiverse

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