saurian, ex-general, huge


Strength: D8
Agility: D10
Smarts: D4
Spirit: D4
Vigor: D10

Fighting: D10
Notice: D10+2
Intimidate: D6

parry: 8
Toughness: 12

H; clueless
H; illiterate
H; outsider
H; Smoker

E; Brawny

Plate armor
medium shield
battle axe


Born in the spawning pit of Quotixla as a warrior and advanced through the ranks of the army to General. After several campaigns against warring cities, he grew to fame by slaying Skink, the enemy Warlord, in single combat. From his hide he made his trademark shield. From hence he commanded Quotixlan army.
After several peaceful years he joined the council of elders and issued in a time of prosperity. One day the horns were sounded so he commanded a small platoon to meet the oncoming invaders. Negotiations where cut short when the army attacked and slew his platoon. Barely escaping he fled back to the city to warn his people. The forests around Quotixla bought them precious time to prepare for war. The ensuing battle of evil, demonic invaders slew most of his people and warriors.
By using hidden routes through the forests he and the few survivors he could rescue escaped to the neighboring city, the capital of Pahuax. Here the Incursion was brought to a halt by the massive, powerful army.
Due to his standing in the Quotixlan army he led the army against Bress and warded him of and halted the destruction of Pahuax. His standing in the council he decided to search for Bress to claim revenge for the destruction of his birthplace. He has been following Bress’ path of destruction to the temple of the lost gods. Gaining no entrance he decided to stay a night, rest and continue in the morning. The following day he saw the sign of Bress but was too late to catch him. There are rumors in around town that there is a group of adventurers who are also after Bress. Kroxigor searches for our heroes.


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