Bolin Bronzebeard

Dwarven Noble

Attributes Skills Edge/Hindrance Parry:8


Agility: d8 Throwing: d8 H) One Eye Bennies:3

Smarts: d6 Notice: d8 H) Code of honor Xp:15

Strength: d8 Fighting: d10 H) Smoking habit Wounds:

Vigor: d8 Shooting: d8 H) Heroic

Spirit: d6 Taunt: d8 E) Noble, Two-Fisted

Dwarf: Low light vision

Hindrances: -2 shooting, throwing, notice and charisma. Cannot help himself to help others. Always keeps his word, but always acts then thinks.

Edges: Can attack twice for no penalties. 3x starter funds.

(Noble) Must defend Family heritage (long sword) protecting family land and bits of town. Family has trade bargains that must be maintained.

Gear: Plate chest and leggings. (+3 toughness)

Large Kite shield (+2 parry, +2 ranged armor)

Orcish Axe (STR + d8, parry -1, two hands +1 damage)

Gold: 604


Goddess of dreams and prophecies: Sunnee

Lord of dwarves: Belial, Bile, mammon, Metztli, Kali, Balor

Bolin Bronzebeard

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