The Wrath of the Elorri

the snake

After our succesful ambush on sterard on Daren van Osel we ran away
from the alerted guards. Because we did find the key to their vault,
I decided to climb up the mountain to fetch our godstone. Ow, and the
other came with me.

After some hazardous moments on the sheer rockface, we finally made it
inside the keep where Nakor made himself usefull distracting a guard
by shitting on a him (he was in bird form). Getting further inside
the keep was easy, even the vault was located in the most obvious
location: behind a door below the stairs. Even better, is was only
guarded by a single guard, who was asleepo to boot. So slaughtering
him proved no problem for me.

Meanwhile, the others had also made their way inside, and were being
delayed by waking up and subsequently killing innocent servents. When
they finally made it to the door under the stairs the bloody lizard,
eh… Croxigor I believe it called itself, started screaming that it
wanted to kill the huge snake that I was more than happy to leave

Obviously the brutes roar attracted the attention of several guards,
who’m I had to distract from killing my temporary companions while
they tried to deal with that snake. In the end we all had our kills,
entrails littered the floors, and the blood was raining. As it shoult



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