The Wrath of the Elorri

Piri Journal

- Pyri: the heroine of the story, I mean, Boudewijn’s character
- Nyutorix: Gabriel’s roguish character (has a pet ferret)
- Nakor: Jeroen’s alternative wizzard character
- Vivian: Angela’s shy orc warrior

- Daks and Truane: villagers of Ervia where pyri stayed for a while
- Rumble belly: knickname for one of Nyu’s brothers
- Max: another one of Nyu’s brothers
- Anra: a druid living near Ervia
- Lord Rudigar: royalte from Ervia

- Balor: antagonist
- Bres: Balor’s brother
- Kenilia: elf captured by Balor
- Content Not Found: quint: someone Kenilia is looking for


Wandered into the village Ervia with Daks and Truane, nice folk,
needed help at some point with something.

We ho towards the festival hill, made icecream, got Dak’s kids to help
carry it there.

Met Nakor along the way, weird dude. Had some strainge dirk and he
didn’t look so good.

We arrive. Ice is put on the table, rumble belly starts eating it and
Nyu is gone again (up the tree). I start helping/chatting with the
housewives preparin decorations and stuff.

Vivian left her mother to go to the party aswell, she took frog legs.
Soggy frog legs.

Nakor and me get together, he shows me his fire shaping and I put it
out with cold shaping. Nakor and me end up scolpting a beatifull ice
swan and a less impressive half elven maiden from stone. Then we
combine our efforts and craft a large ice brathing dragon.

Vivian arrives and dropps her froglegs on the table. We all taste
some legs but only the ferret (Nyu’s pet) seems to like it.

The trumpet is sounded and Belltine is explained by Anra the Druid.
Lord Rudigar is there aswell.

Ifor, the falconeer, is guiding the seremony. We are send out to make
noise and after some time we are supposed to return for brandywine.

However, while out making noise, our lanters go out, weird. It gets
cold and damp, weird. We decide to go back, while passing the
Standing Stones we see a blueish apperation. Lightning flashes above
the stones.

Nyu sees something and runs off towards the stones, we follow.

The blue turns out to be a portal? A big man steps out as a girl runs
away. He fires a crossbow and the girl staggers, but keeps running.

We hit the guy, and he goes down. Nyu goes into the portal and I run
after the girl whom I find hiding behind a tree. As we talk I get her

Kenilia is an elorri elf. She was captured by Balor, escaped but
chased by Balor’s brother Bres. She is looking for Quint.

We convinced her to go back to town with us. We snuck het into a
tavern where she got a room with me.

She fell asleep. We will probably try to flesh-shape her to look
human and get her towards the elven forest. After removing the boys
from our room I undress her for bed I notice that she has lashes on
her back. I go downstairs to talk while Vivian sleeps in our room to
protect Kenilia.

Nyu brings my stuff and the food his mother made after he woke her up.
I have breakfast with Kenilia while the others go to the market.

Bres killed het mother. Thet lived in the woords called ‘The Vastwood’.
Their village was raided. However, her village was deep in the
forest, it is strainge that they could raid there. Her mother was a
high priestes, who knew the location of Entaris. This knowledge was
imprinted on Kenilia on her mothers’ death. The people in Entaris
should know where an elven godess is hiding.

Nyu steals clothes and a neckless. I force him to pay for it.
Afterwards he returns to market and blames Max, his brother, for
stealing it.

We decide to leave Ervia that day. Kenilia doesn’t want any magic on
her, in fact, she is terrified when I show her how I change my own
appearance. So we tie a scarf around her head to cover hear ears

A gnoll says Bres fled to Kanseri (North of Mirlandir). We can either
walk (2 weeks) or take a horse drawn boat. We decide on the boat, but
it just left. So since staying in town with an elf isn’t good we
travel along the river towards the next place where we can catch the
boat (2 days).

After the first day we reach an old fisherman, we pay him a little and
get some food and a roof over our heads. He also tells us a black
carriage went down/up the river shortly before us. Driving like a
maniac and armed to the teeth.

The next day, when we arrive at the mooring spot, we see this carriage
waiting. All is silent. Nyu investigates and promptly gets shot. He
is close to death.

Vivian bravely goes to rescue him as Kenilia runs away screaming. The
next time the archer rises from behind the boulder he is the recipient
of a suggestion: look at that pretty girl, better go wash in the river
to make a good impression. However, the gnoll does not seem
interested in pretty girls. But in his confusion his crosbow is
magically pulled from his grasp.

Vivian now gets attacked face to face by Bres and Nakor starts to
assault him with metal balls. Snow snares one gnoll and races to Nyu
to keep him alive while Vivian and Nakor battle with Bres.

Nyu is able to stand up again and now faces a gnoll on his own while
Snow is attacked by the gnoll that was partially snared. They both
barely survive their attackers.

The first gnoll is frozen in place by a second snare spell while Nyu
dodges the second gnoll. Shortly thereafter this gnoll gets the
suggestion from Snow to get his friends, in a nearby gnoll camp, to
help fight. He prompty runs away.

Vivian an Nakor have not been idle and were able to defeat Bres,
however, they were not able to prevent him from using some device to
teleport away.

The remaining gnoll, who breaks his snare, is now alone and starts
begging for his life. We obtain some information from him and let him
live: a) Bres fled back to Kensari; b) gnoll camp is 2 days away
(i.e. the running gnoll is harmless).

I go after kenilia and find her and bring her back. She asks why we
are helping her. Well, we can’t just leave her. And elves need to
stand together! My father was an elf, elves are great people, even
though most humans disagree.

We continue to travel using the abandoned cariage and reach the forest
after 2 weeks. There we find Kenilia’s husband and 14 other wild

We decide to join them in the elven city to ask the council for help.


This is where my log ends. I recall having written down more :(

Anyway. From the top of my head it kinda continues like this:

We stay a few weeks in the elven city. The countil is reluctent to
meet with us but we manage to force the issue. They explain something
about a standing stone where we should go in order to be portaled back
to a human territory to prevent a large war that could ultimately
destroy the elves.

This standing stone is guarded by a magical entity that captures
Nakor. We eventually convince the entity to let us go. But she
requires large promises on our side (don’t remember what though).

We continue to travel and come across a town. The town is attacked
and we help defend it. Eventually we convince the town people to flee
before a large army overruns them. We travel with the people to a
nearby city that is much better protected.

To reach the city we must cross a river. We attempt with earth and
ice but fail. We then find a catacomb going under the river. After
clearing the main tunnel we attempt to close all side chambers with
ice and lead all the people though.

Our last in-game discussion was if we were going back in the catacomb
to explore, or if we continue the last few miles with the caravan to
the city.



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