The Wrath of the Elorri

Bolin's Demise

As the group decends further into the dwarven zombie infested tomb of Bolin’s forefathers, the situation gets more grim and grim. After the first group of zombies. Bolin, dawn and Nakor are hurt. The group takes an hour to let Nakor bind their wounds and catch their breaths. After a rest they head on, feeling a bit better. In yet another corridor they are attacked again by undead dwarves, this time they were more practiced at killing off the zombies, even though Dawn and Bolin got really hurt. Rayne found a secret tunnel, that led into a deeper tunnel, but it was decided not to pursue it further and tell Bolin about it, since the situation became very grim. Bolin did want to investigate the other breach and head into the “sewer”. Not long till Rayne spotted a hidden lever and when he pulled it it revealed a room, with Bolin’s father dead and tied up on a slab while a man in dark performed some ritual over them. Mad with grief and anger Bolin charged in. Rayne closed the door again and the rest of the party fled out of the tomb. For the adverseries outnumbered the group, which was tired, beaten and down in the first place. Poor Bolin did nt make it out there, the third casualty in this group.

The party headed out and met up with the captain of the guard. They told him what happened, at that moment, Bress came out and jumped on a sinsiter looking cart, stuffed with dwarf sized boxes. The guards set forth in pursuit, but to no avail. The captain and some soldiers went into the tomb and asked if the party would help them, which they did. Down the place was empty, except for a box that Rayne found and hid in his bags.The captain of the guard offered them to aid them with a regiment of soldiers to escort them to the wizards tower on the morrow.

During the evening Rayne was visited by his employer. At first he did not want to pay Rayne, but he insisted and so he got 20 gold pieces, plus a strange dagger with runes on it. Later on he remembered about the box and he skillfully opened it to found a letter, written in canceri(demonic language) and a tome. The next day he went to Nakor and showed him the dagger at first. With his knowledge of the arts Nakor deciphered the rune and magic on the dagger. It was a dagger specially prepared to slay just one person: Nakor himself. As Nakor was allready suspicious of Rayne he brought the news in steps, but also added another twist. He told rayne not only would the dagger slay him if it was used on him, also the wielder would die, hoping that this would get the truth out of Rayne. It worked, for Rayne admitted that he was approached by this person to make sure that none of the group would survive and come out of the old temple and tomb. Together they devise a plan to catch the crook. An ambush(pretend Nakor died, going back and waiting till Rayne was contacted again with everyone standing ready) was set but the man escaped, sadly. All this set the plans to go to the tower back one day, but Nakor and Rayne went to the captain of the guard to explain of the attack. Of course since both were involved in some fishy activities without the dwarf to take the blame for it, they had to be vague, lie and stumble through the conversation about what really happened. The captain luckily, though suspicious, still agreed to send a regiment with them to the tower on the morrow, but Nakor and Rayne were ordered to stay in the district and not go anywhere. Nakor invited the party over to stay at his place while he was working on this greatest invention. During the day he needed a particular item. for which he went to the town. On his way back he was “ambushed” by a strange, huge being, reptillian in nature. It introduced himself als Kroxigor and that he could smell Bres on him, Bress his enemy that destroyed his city. Having read something in the far past about these reptile people in the far south, the fact that he could have killed him easily plus that he is appearantly able to smell their enemy, made Nakor decide to take him to his stead. There introductions were made and a plan was set to leave in the morning with the soldiers to the wizard tower. Nakor finished his project that evening.



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